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“If you’re reading this, I am dead.” 

Congratulations! You have discovered the The Tragic Diary of Dr. Blank. The Tragic Diary of Doctor Blank is a single-player tabletop role-playing game with a focus on fiction writing and learning. In this edition, you will endeavour to take the Player Character (Or PC) you are playing as from their office to the mesoamerican dig site they’re meant to be working at. As you play, you will be writing passages in a diary from the perspective of the PC. Why is this diary tragic? Well, because it’s very likely you will die. Multiple times.

This game was made as a project for my most recent Mesoamerican art history class, in which I was assigned to make a trivia game, but I knew I had to differentiate my project from a simple point system, with an easy pass/fail scoring method. However, I wanted to make something that would be easy for others to learn (especially the teacher), and something that could be adapted for use with other topics and sets of flash cards. 

What I settled on was a game that was one part writing exercise, and one part trivia game. The included PDF provides a set of flash cards that are Mesoamerican art history themed, along with providing instructions for implementing study guides that are more relevant to your life! 

For the record - I got an A. I hope you enjoy!


Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

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